Ben Aitken

Not many Brits move to Poland to work in a fish and chip shop. Ben Aitken did and he wrote all about it in A Chip Shop in Poznan.

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Jay Dacey

Chris Atkins

Principally a film-maker, Chris spent a period of time at HMP Wandsworth. Full of incredible and hilarious stories his account of that time, A Bit of a Stretch, reveals the true scale of our prison crisis and why it is costing us all.

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Lou Abercrombie

Lucy Atkins

Lucy's latest novel is Magpie Lane which she will be discussing as part of our panel event, Ms Behaviour, about uncommon women. Lucy is also bringing her wealth of writing experience to the Writers' Workshop: Getting Published.

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Jasbinder Bilan

Part of our extraordinary team of authors working in schools in and around Chipping Norton, Jasbinder's debut novel for 9 - 12 year olds tells of Asha's perilous journey in the foothills of the Himalayas.

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Mark Billingham

Mark is a Festival patron and well-established Festival favourite. He returns to ChipLitFest 2020 to interview David Hepworth and Mark Ellen about their lives at the heart of the music industry as well as hosting another devilishly difficult ChipLit Quiz.

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Fanny Blake

Festival patron Fanny Blake held senior roles in fiction publishing before turning author. At this year's ChipLitFest, she is bringing her vast publishing experience to the writers' workshop about how to get published.

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Jess Bradley

Illustrator and character designer, Jess draw things for kids but adults secretly enjoy them too. She's scribbler of Squid Bits in The Phoenix and writer for The Beano!

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David Fisher

Marie-Elsa Bragg

Writer, chaplain, therapist and priest, Marie-Elsa Bragg has written a unique, intimate and beautiful exploration of grief, loss, healing and faith, about her mother's suicide.

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c/o Vintage

Jen Brister

Stand-up comedian Jen Brister has written, hilariously, about becoming a parent to twin boys. Her account of being The Other Mother - Jen's partner is the boys' biological mum - is part of our Modern Motherhood event.

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Thomas Butler

Peter Bunzl

Author of the much-loved Cogheart Adventures, Peter returns to ChipLitFest with the fourth instalment, Shadowsea - a fantastic voyage of terror and triumph.

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Stanley Films and Photography

Lela Burbridge

Writer, speaker and advocate for education for all, Lela Burbridge will discuss her challenging Ugandan childhood that she has written about in her first book, Lela: Ashes of Childhood.

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Jane Caplan

The ever-popular Oxford University Press Very Short Introductions are back at the Festival - Jane Caplin will be presenting a 30-minute lecture about Nazi Germany.

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Matt Carr

Part of our extraordinary team of authors working in schools in and around Chipping Norton, Matt is bringing Armstrong the adventurous mole to our younger readers.

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Julia Churchill

Literary agent Julia Churchill runs the children's book department at AM Heath Ltd. She will share some of her expertise at the Writers' Workshop: Writing for Children alongside her client, Sarah Lean.

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Laura Gallant

Rachel Clarke

Dr Rachel Clarke's first book, Your Life in Our Hands, revealed the reality of life as a junior doctor. And now in Dear Life, Rachel explores love, loss, grief, dying and what really matters at the end of life.

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Justine Stoddart

Sara Collins

Sara obtained a Master’s degree in creative writing from Cambridge University. She is the author of the critically acclaimed, Costa award-winning novel, The Confessions of Frannie Langton.

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Sue Cook

Sue is a writer and broadcaster – one of the UK's most experienced live television and radio broadcasters, and a successful novelist.

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Roger Crowley

Historian Roger Crowley brings his scrupulous research and narrative flair to the bloody climax of the Holy Land crusades.

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Merilyn Davies

Co-founder of ChipLitFest, Merilyn is now on stage at the Festival with her debut novel, When I Lost You, as part of our exploration of uncommon women, Ms Behaviour.

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Claire Spottiswoode

Tim Dee

Bird watcher and nature writer Tim Dee charts spring's progress from South Africa to the shores of the Arctic ocean in his masterpiece of nature writing, Greenery: Journeys in Springtime.

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Becky Buckle

John Dougherty

Part of our extraordinary team of authors working in schools in and around Chipping Norton, ChipLitFest favourite and founder patron John Dougherty is back!

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Mark Ellen

Mark Ellen has been at the heart of the British music industry since the 1970s. Join him and longtime collaborator David Hepworth in conversation with Mark Billingham about all things rock n roll.

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Maz Evans

Best-selling author of the Who Let the Gods Out series, Maz Evans brings her introduction to Greek mythology as you've never seen it before.

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Allen Fatimaharan

Illustrator Allen Fatimaharan brings his wonderful drawings of all sorts of hair styles to the Children's Festival, joining Hannah Lee and My Hair.

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KT Bruce

Alison Gomm

Editor and regular ChipLitFest interviewer as well as longtime committee member, Alison's interests range from literature to journalism to the classics.

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Candy Gourlay

Part of our extraordinary team of authors working in schools in and around Chipping Norton, we're delighted to have Candy back to work with our secondary school pupils.

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Abbie Greaves

Joining our New Voices panel, Abbie brings her debut novel, The Silent Treatment, to ChipLitFest. It's the story of ordinary lives facing extraordinary challenges and how we must strive to leave nothing unsaid.

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Mini Grey

Part of our extraordinary team of authors working in schools in and around Chipping Norton, Mini writes and illustrates irresistible books for children aged two and over.

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Adam and Charlotte Guillain

Award-winning, best-selling duo, Adam and Charlotte return to ChipLitFest with their latest book, One Banana Two Bananas.

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Lauren Psyk

Joe Haddow

Joe is now a regular ChipLitFest interviewer. And, as usual, he will be talking to our debut novelists in the New Voices event.

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Louise Hare

Joining our New Voices panel, Louise brings her debut novel, This Lovely City, to ChipLitFest. It's the story of jazz musician Lawrie Matthews, fresh off the Empire Windrush and in love with the girl next door.

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Imogen Hepworth

David Hepworth

David Hepworth has been at the heart of the British music industry since the 1970s. Join him and longtime collaborator Mark Ellen in conversation with Mark Billingham about all things rock n roll.

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Sarah Jarman

Sarah Jarman is a writer, artist and jeweller. She is also the co-author of Lela: Ashes of Childhood that describes her friend Lela's childhood in Uganda.

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Dan Jarvis

Dan Jarvis is an MP and a Mayor but his new book, Long Way Home, is not about politics, it's about service and family – specifically his time serving in the elite Parachute Regiment, and the death of his wife Caroline.

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Nick Jelley

The ever-popular Oxford University Press Very Short Introductions are back at the Festival - Nick Jelley will be presenting a 30-minute lecture about renewable energy.

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Dean Chalkley

Marian Keyes

For over twenty years Marian Keyes has been writing funny, internationally best-selling fiction about modern women in the modern world. We couldn't be happier to welcome her to ChipLitFest.

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Kieran Larwood

A former teacher, Kieran, now writes for children - the much-loved Five Realms series set in the world of Podkin One-Ear. We're delighted to welcome Kieran to the Children's Festival.

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Kat Lister

Writer and editor Kat Lister began her career at the legendary New Musical Express. She joins us at ChipLitFest to interview Pete Paphides.

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Garry Castle, Modo Photography

Sarah Lean

Part of our extraordinary team of authors working in schools in and around Chipping Norton, Sarah will also be joining us over the Festival weekend to discuss her work at the Writers' Workshop: Writing for Children.

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Hannah Lee

Hannah's debut picture book My Hair tells the story of making sure you've got the hair style to match the occasion! She's joined by illustrator Allen Fatimaharan.

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Dominik Tyler

Sam Lee

Sam Lee is a Mercury prize nominated folk musician, extinction rebellion leader, survival expert and conservationist. He also teaches music at Goldsmiths and is at ChipLitFest to celebrate the intoxicating song of the nightingale.

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Tom de Freston

Kiran Millwood Hargrave

Kiran Millwood Hargrave is an award-winning poet, playwright, and best-selling author of children's novels. And now she has written her first book for adult readers - The Mercies. Kiran will be talking about it at the Ms Behaviour panel event.

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Mark Norfolk

A lecturer in screenwriting at Birkbeck University, Mark Norfolk writes for stage and screen. His work includes Shakespeare adaptations and contemporary dramas. Mark is returning to ChipLitFest to run a writers' workshop on scriptwriting.

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Martin Glacken

Okechukwu Nzelu

Joining our New Voices panel, Okechukwu brings his debut novel, The Private Joys of Nnenna Maloney, to ChipLitFest. It's the story of a half-Nigerian teenage girl searching for the answer to that essential question: Who am I?

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Murdo Macleod

Maggie O'Farrell

From the author of some of the best-loved modern novels comes a stunning new departure for Maggie O'Farrell's fiction; Hamnet is the heart-stopping story behind Shakespeare's most famous play.

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Katheryn Bromwich

Ned Palmer

Ned is the author of A Cheesemonger's History of the British Isles, he talks about cheese for a living, and he's a freelance cheesemonger. Come along to listen to him discussing all things cheese.

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Rachael Bird

Pete Paphides

Music journalist Pete Paphides brings his memoir of a childhood in his Cypriot parents' Birmingham chip shop. Funny, heart-breaking and full of noise, silence and pop songs.

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David Parker

Programme maker David Parker recorded a series of interviews with Laurie Lee in 1994 in and around the Cotswolds. When he re-found the rushes he edited the transcripts, resulting in the book, Down in the Valley: A Writer's Landscape.

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Korky Paul

ChipLitFest patron and multi-million selling Winnie and Wilbur illustrator, Korky Paul loves to draw and inspire children to do the same.

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Frann Preston-Gannon

Illustrator and author of books for kids, Frann Preston-Gannon was the first UK recipient of the Sendak Fellowship. Frann is bringing her story of a group of animal friends who need, together, to fix a VERY BAD DAY!

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Bali Rai

Part of our extraordinary team of authors working in schools in and around Chipping Norton, Bali is a frequent visitor to the Festival especially because of his amazing work with vulnerable young people.

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Sophie Ratcliffe

Oxford academic and author of the genre-defying memoir, The Lost Properties of Love, Sophie Ratcliffe joins us to interview Dr Rachel Clarke about her account of working in palliative care.

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Rehan Jamil

Onjali Q. Rauf

Onjali's first children's novel about the refugee crisis, The Boy at the Back of the Class, won awards from Waterstones and Blue Peter. She tells difficult stories with heart and humour that her young readers really value.

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Jasmine Richards

Children's author Jasmine has been working with ChipLitFest for the last two years to bring amazing inspiring lessons to our local schools. And now she is bringing her story writing workshop to the children's festival - pens and paper at the ready!

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Alice De Saulles

Tony De Saulles

Part of our extraordinary team of authors working in schools in and around Chipping Norton, we're really excited to welcome Tony and Bee Boy - half bee, half boy, all hero - to the Festival.

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Joshua Seigal

Joshua Seigal is a highly acclaimed professional poet, performer and educator who uses poetry to develop literacy skills and inspire confidence and ​creativity in communication.

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Nadia Shireen

An absolute ChipLitFest favourite, Nadia is back in town! We have loved Bumblebear and The Cow who Fell to Earth, now meet Billy and her sidekick Fatcat. Nadia will also be decorating the window of Jaffé & Neale, come and watch her in action.

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Maggie Snowling

The ever-popular Oxford University Press Very Short Introductions are back at the Festival - Margaret Snowling CBE will be presenting a 30-minute lecture about dyslexia.

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Chris Close

Robin Stevens

Robin Stevens writes about murder and mystery and her readers can't get enough of it! We're delighted that she is bringing Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong, the stars of the Murder Most Unladylike Mysteries, back to ChipLitFest.

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Brigit Strawbridge Howard

Brigit Strawbridge Howard brings her irresistible passion and curiosity about bees to ChipLitFest. Bees need friends and they have no greater ally than Brigit - let her inspire you to notice and take care of them.

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Paul Clarke

Clover Stroud

Clover Stroud, critically acclaimed author of the memoir The Wild Other, brings her unflinching, deeply personal book, My Wild and Sleepless Nights, about motherhood to our event that explores just what it means to be a modern mother.

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Jack Wallington

Jack Wallington

Author of The Times Gardening Book of 2019, Wild about Weeds, Jack Wallington comes to ChipLitFest with his enthusiasm for rebel plants - it's time to learn how to let weeds flourish without taking control!

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Lucy Walters

Storyteller Lucy returns to ChipLitFest with a brand new story all about a magical posting world.

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Heather Yates

Kirsty Wark

As well as being at the heart of British broadcasting for over 25 years, Kirsty Wark is an accomplished novelist. We are delighted to welcome Kirsty and her second novel, The House by the Loch, to ChipLitFest.

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Niki Webster

Blogger, chef and food writer, Niki brings her plant-based know-how to a Rebel Recipes event that will feed your soul as well as your belly!

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Bill Harris

Jane Wenham-Jones

Jane is a novelist, public speaker, columnist and regular interviewer at ChipLitFest. We are delighted to welcome her back, the Festival wouldn't be the same without her.

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Onar Pinar

Sophie Hannah

A new thriller from the "queen of psychological suspense" is a much anticipated moment in the publishing and reading world. We are delighted that Sophie Hannah will be joining us for this very special event to celebrate the publication of Haven't They Grown.

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