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A Force of Nature

Laura Parker introduces Nicola Chester, one of the nature writers we are delighted to bring to the 2023 festival.

“I wrote with a mustelid hunger”

Nicola Chester is a passionate nature writer with deep rural roots. Her book On Gallows Down, Place, Protest and Belonging, stands out among nature memoirs. As well as being a keen, knowledgeable observer of plants, birds and wild animals, she writes about her working-class rural roots as well as her involvement with some of the biggest protest movements of our times, including Greenham Common and Twyford Down. Hers is a bright, authentic and undeterred voice.

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New Voices 2022
Silver Apples

ChipLit­Fest 2022 Events Review by Pheebs

Phoebe Haywood has been writing about ChipLitFest authors and events since she was at school. Now a Classics student, she reviews this year's festival.

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An instant Sunday Times Best-Seller and Historical Fiction Book of the Month, Susan Stokes-Chapman's stunning debut captivates our reviewer Phoebe Haywood.

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Young Mun­go

Young Mungo, Douglas Stuart's hotly anticipated follow-up to his Booker winner Shuggie Bain, is welcomed with open arms by our guest blogger Marc Forrest-Thomas, it "experiences the ugly...but finds the beauty".

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The Joy of Science

No two people see the same rainbow.

We can all learn a new way of thinking - with the help of Jim Al-Khalili.

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Unset­tled Ground

Shortlisted for the Women's Prize and winner of the Costa Novel Award, Claire Fuller's Unsettled Ground has been gaining fans everywhere. Guest blogger Marc Forrest-Thomas joins in the praise.

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Good Inten­tions

The publishing industry has been worrying about how few male novelists are coming through. Kasim Ali is bucking that trend with his debut, Good Intentions, and guest blogger Marc Forrest-Thomas is delighted to have discovered him.

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